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The World of Books Has Changed, Part 2

redefining "going by the book"

The World of Books Has Changed, Part 2

Back when, books were regarded as authoritative and unchangeable. Difference between one copy and another was "corruption," and scholars would quibble endlessly as to which was the true version.

Hence, "going by the book," "the rule book," "handbook" (which you keep close by so that you know exactly how to do something), "the Authorized version." "Bible" simply means "book," and there are still people who take every word of it literally, and who break out in hives at the idea that there are many more texts that could be legitimately included between its covers.
The static book infects all of our thinking.

What about bookmakers? Perhaps that's a Britishism. Digression:...

Comments -- Are Live -- Word of the Week

there's no such thing as "start at the beginning"

Comments -- Are Live -- Word of the Week

My beautiful new blog is still a new blog, and I'm still learning its outlines and characters. A couple days ago, I discovered, quite by accident, that there was a comment box--with comments in it awaiting my approval!

Comments are now live; please post comments!

And so, with humble apologies to those commenters, this post is all about comments, the word and the abstract object.

The World of Books Has Changed, Part 1

how the modern-day book scene is more like Homer's

The World of Books Has Changed, Part 1

My eleven-year old self assumed as a matter of course that by the time I was a "grown-up" I'd have published several books.  In dark times, I've summoned up her spirit to belabor me because that's not the case.  Would she have been content with the mere handful of poems, essays, book reviews, one or two academic articles, and hundreds of blog posts published?

I appeal to her mercy: things are different now. She'd never heard of the Internet--makes me sound like a dinosaur, and I'm only in my thirties! Even aside from the book-like nature of a good blog, the world of books has changed.

Back Online, Back to Gratitude

Wordle: Thanksgiving_unconditionalA happy Thanksgiving to everyone! A happy festive season as we move into the northern hemisphere's still, dark point. Time to reflect, to consume this year's harvest, to huddle and cuddle, enjoy one another. Even here, where the sun shines almost every day of the year, the days are short and cold. A touch of frost a couple nights ago, even one or two overcast days.

Unconditional Gratitude (Word of the Week)

It _had_ to be word of the week, didn't it?

Unconditional Gratitude (Word of the Week)

Gratitude. Thanksgiving. Gratitude (Latin gratitudo) is a state of mind. Thanksgiving is a direct translation of the Latin gratias actio -- action, specifically a performance, enactment, of thanks.

Latin gratias means "thanks," but also it means "grace," in all the multi-splendored nuances of that word. Old-English thanc instead is cognate with "think" -- thanksgiving is an enaction of your state of thoughts.

Giving thanks and feeling gratitude--are they the same for you? This is a tail that can wag the dog--the action can lead to the feeling.

Synchronometer -- to Be of Service

more connectedness

Synchronometer -- to Be of Service

I acknowledge that synchronicity is often (a) in the eye of the beholder and (b) generated by how the beholder focuses her eye. Confirmation bias, right? You find what you look out for.

But I cling to the intention that what's in synchronicity for me might vibe with someone else, might strike a chord in your heart, might make a connection between us. That the experience of harmony and resonance might gift you, even for a moment.

After all, synchronicity means "time" (chronos) "happening together" (syn). Which should mean that multiple people can have that same experience, of events, experiences, learning opportunities, occupying the same space in time.

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