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Word of the Week: "Origin"

making some connections explicit

Word of the Week:

As another week passes and as I reflect on where I/you/we/humankind/this blog came from and where we're going, I follow my tried and trusted path back into words and etymologies. 

In honor of the movie I reviewed and recommended in my previous post, and in honor of that recurrent question, the word of the week is Origin.

Today's Word: Blanket

moving into winter, some language-dancing""

Today's Word: Blanket

This morning I woke up with blanket. Blankets plural, actually. All the blankets I own were piled on top of me, folded double, and I still hadn't slept well for being goose-bump cold. It's getting into the 40s at night (and I'm a very chilly girl). And yet the sun shines by day, it warms up enough that I cling to leaving the windows open wide, letting the air dance through the little house.

Yesterday I finally, reluctantly, closed my back door. Save during a couple thunderstorms, it's been open the whole time I've lived here up to now.

It's November, after all! In Alaska, I'd be wearing multiple layers all over; it's snowing there.

Deadline, Day of the Dead

Deadline, Day of the Dead

If you read my old blogs, you won't be surprised to find musings about words themselves here quite often.

Today, I woke up with "deadline"

  • It's Halloween, the Eve of All Souls' Day = Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos.
  • I have a slew of deliverables for different jobs, due soon.
  • If I miss my deadline, nobody dies! True fact! And yet I'm not alone (am I?) in experiencing the exhilaration of pushing the deadline, the value of this in making sure something gets done.

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