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Starting the Gong--Cycles Within Cycles

a buddy system for days

Starting the Gong--Cycles Within Cycles

When I awoke yesterday morning, it was to a sense of anticipation, a little apprehension, and determination. 

Just by virtue of having woken up, I'd begun to be "on the Gong." More, it was a triple beginning: the beginning of the waxing moon, the beginning of lengthening days as we turn back toward the sun.

It's wise to have interim milestones and checkins during a period as long as 100 days, acknowledging the smaller cycles within that time frame. This time around, I've recognized the importance of that. A buddy system for days!

Memes, Mantras, Mission Statements--Part 2

is it really YOUR goal?

Memes, Mantras, Mission Statements--Part 2

Here's the scary thing about having memes--unconscious mantras--dictating what you do: they can infect your goals!

We list our goals and wishes. We adopt practices for 100 days to build clarity and efficiency. We build clarity and efficiency to know what we want to achieve. With this clarity and efficiency, our goals come in reach.

But if our original goals were built on memes, either we won't choose beneficial practices or, if we do, we'll end up feeling like the naked emperor in his "new suit."

Memes, Mantras, Mission Statements

Gong: wake up and choose the channel!

Memes, Mantras, Mission Statements

Part 1 of 2
Most people have heard that a staggering percentage of our decision-making is done subconsciously, on autopilot (a study from the Max Planck Institute calls free will into question), which leads to the claim that much of the time, we're using a tiny fraction of our potential brainpower.

We know this --it's ingrained in our language and culture. What happens when you "push someone's buttons"? --They react in a completely predictable, reflex manner. Dogs can be trained to salivate when a bell rings, which has nothing to do with food except for an association they have "wired in."

Although there's all sorts of problems with comparing mind and consciousness to a computer's operating system, the metaphor of programming definitely fits here. We have little scripts ("memes") running in the background that determine how we respond to things around us, often in ways we're not proud of, and we don't even know the memes are there, we didn't choose them, and we wouldn't choose them  if we had the choice!

Rooting out and replacing these memes is at the heart of habit-changing and a guiding light in choosing the practices to make up a 100-day gong. Memes come from mimicking; what do you wish to reflect?

Hundred-Day Discipline Practice, aka Hundred-Day Gong

a collection of links, resources and reflections

Hundred-Day Discipline Practice, aka Hundred-Day Gong

So, for 100 days starting December 21st
Let's stop chiding ourselves for not getting things done. Let's instead recognize that we're simply highly skilled and drawn to do so many things that we need to get clear, get disciplined.

If I can create the right framework, the true mission statement,  then all my disparate interests and skills will make sense of one another and form the symphony that is my purpose in life waiting to be discovered. 

Creating the framework takes practice, awareness, and unstinting self-honesty. And so join me, if you wish, preparing for the 100-day practice, called the 100-day gong.

The Yang Within the Yin


The Yang Within the Yin

I mentioned that I'm gearing up to start another 100-day discipline practice on the Solstice, December 21st, and I'll share much more about that in the next few days. Meanwhile, I've been meditating on the interplay of Yin and Yang a lot--the beautiful symbol, and the many ways it plays out in life and health.

The little white circle in the black, the little circle of black in the white: each extreme contains the seed of its opposite. The utmost expansiveness (yang) is the apex from which contraction starts. The utmost contraction (yin) is the pinch from which expansion opens.

Origins: 36 Interviews; Amen's Wisdom

too good to keep to myself!

Origins: 36 Interviews; Amen's Wisdom

Happy Monday; Happy Thanksgiving week.

As I strive to be conscious about what comes into my life, I hope what I put out reflects this discernment. If we're all connected, let me be a signal repeater for light and glory!

So,  last week I shared about the free showing of Origins, Now there's a mini-telesummit adjunct to the movie playing for the next three days, with 36--thirty-six--interviews with experts featured in the movie as well as others, exploring how we can do better as a species in all areas of life.

Almost all the experts are people I already enjoy listening to and feel that I learn from, and there are some that are new to me from whom I'm glad to learn. I'll write sometime about the benefits of benign brainwashing/positive self-hypnosis, although "being conscious about what I allow in" is really the long and short of it.  

Bearing in mind I expose myself to a lot of this stuff, there was one expert I hadn't heard from in a while whose presence I appreciated in the movie, and the "deep dive" interview with him is what spurred me to write another post about this--it's worth far more than the price (free!) of admission.

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