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I'm Back, and I Bring So Much More

finding the flow

I'm Back, and I Bring So Much More

Direct quotation  from the last blog I posted here:

I still need to tell the story on this blog of how being thrown in the deep end as chef and health coach has been transforming my sense of self and with it my self-care.

It's time. I've been baptized, immersed, had my face rubbed in the mirror of old beliefs that kept me small, and I emerge shining with the conviction that I deserve to express my gifts and be valued for doing so, and that there are so many people out there who deserve to benefit from my gifted help.

Birthday Check-in From the Other Side

perhaps a monster no longer

Birthday Check-in From the Other Side

From the other side of the world, from the other side of thirty-nine years, I salute my then-new mother on the other side of her hard labor.

From the other side of the screen, you--dear reader--come to this blog to see what's new. Sometimes there's a new post every time you check; other times, all is static for a month at a time. Perhaps that unchanged front-page post each time is no less fresh/novel/new than the parade of new posts.

From the other other side, I am still here, I am working hard, I am in material precarity but trusting in divine guidance.

So, what else is new?

Listening In: the Truth About Online Telesummits

how full can one fill one's ears?

Listening In: the Truth About Online Telesummits

I discovered telesummits and podcasts around the same time, early 2014. 

Podcasts were a revelation--a neverending source of information, advice, opinion, from people whose information, advice, opinion I was already interested in, and their guests. Company for my drivetime, company when I hiked.

Telesummits were even more exciting--a galaxy of experts organized around a specific topic, the scintillating scarcity of talks  available only 24 or 48 hours.

Superabundance and scarcity both together, in an auditory avalanche for this highly auditory Ela!

The Way Out and Back is Not the Same

100-Day Gong Day 51

The Way Out and Back is Not the Same

Today for me is day 51 of the 100-day Gong.  Can you believe we've come that far from Winter Solstice already?

Essentially, we're halfway between solstice and equinox. We've moved out of the still point of midwinter but we're not all the way over to plowing the fields yet. It's time to ask groundhogs for their predictions. In the Celtic calendar, it's Imbolc, where old crone energy is replaced by maiden energy. And in the Jewish calendar, originating farther south, it's Tu b'Shvat (was just last week), which is the New Year of trees!

So, what does it mean to be halfway through a 100-day discipline, halfway between midwinter and spring?

Judith Kitchen: Despite Body, With Body

peacefully, in her sleep, 11/6/2014

Judith Kitchen: Despite Body, With Body

As a person who talks to dead people and who has tended toward disembodiment herself, I have some different words to add to the celebration and mourning pouring out for Judith Kitchen --

  • Wife, mother, grandmother.
  • Cofounder, with her husband, poet Stan Sanvel Rubin, of the Rainier Writing Workshop (the MFA program from which I graduated).
  • Writer in every genre, with a style both limpidly readable and fiercely intelligent.
  • Superbly influential critic, mentor, editor
  • Supernaturally gifted "matchmaker" of mentors and students, and so inaugurator of many valuable and productive literary relationships
  • Founder of Ovenbird Press; champion of fine writing in a changing literary culture
  • Someone who never suffered folly gladly, but who never made a fool out of anyone

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