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Synchronometer -- to Be of Service

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Synchronometer -- to Be of Service

I acknowledge that synchronicity is often (a) in the eye of the beholder and (b) generated by how the beholder focuses her eye. Confirmation bias, right? You find what you look out for.

But I cling to the intention that what's in synchronicity for me might vibe with someone else, might strike a chord in your heart, might make a connection between us. That the experience of harmony and resonance might gift you, even for a moment.

After all, synchronicity means "time" (chronos) "happening together" (syn). Which should mean that multiple people can have that same experience, of events, experiences, learning opportunities, occupying the same space in time.

One Thing at a Time

One Thing at a Time

Two books arrived in my mailbox; three more downloaded to my Kindle. I had listened to a podcast whose message I appreciated and felt moved to send them a comment.

My confidence at getting any of it done was mediocre. But as a junior high kid, I read seven books per week without breaking stride except perhaps to limp slightly as the ungainly lumps of book shifted on my back on the way home. 

How is it we adults get to be so overloaded? My thirteen-year-old self offers some answers.

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