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Fasting, Forbidden Fruit, Forgiveness

another aspect of habits and the unconscious

Fasting, Forbidden Fruit, Forgiveness

Today is about fasting and dreaming.

I've been posting so much of late about creating chosen habits, crowding out habits that don't serve, cultivating practices to enable this, raising our awareness of what we do on autopilot and how to ensure that the "autopilot" habits are the ones that make us who we want to be.

I hope it's clear that I'm making no claim to have it all figured out. I write in a sincere spirit of sharing, my part in a dialogue, my endeavor to help put out the message that we can take steps to influence our own thought patterns.

Here, I take a step further into the unknown, looking at how fasting--largely a physical mechanism --affects the unconscious, as experienced through dreaming.

Word of the Week: Rote

process not product

Word of the Week: Rote

In creating a blog, in performing a gong, in writing a book, in planting gardens, in the march of days, nights, seasons, there's repetition everywhere. What do you associate with repetition? 

  • "practice makes perfect"
  • conscious replacement of memes
  • focus, mindfulness, creation of second nature
  • "fake it till you make it"
  • tedium
  • "why do I have to sweep the floor/eat/pull weeds when I'll have to do it all again later?"
  • So many words I could pick for "word of the week" here ! To push against the negative aspects of repetition, I chose "rote."

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