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Practice: a Post of Questions

"the role of the artist is to ask questions"

Practice: a Post of Questions

I've been thinking and writing about practice, transition, and inward listening, at the same time looking for my own place as a contributor, a listener, an artist. 

I'm drawing a lot of blanks. Or is it just that I'm surrounded with blank canvases, fields and arenas and spheres of potential?

That is a question. But asking it doesn't make me an artist all by itself. Have I been around the block too many times to say "I have to start somewhere"? I don't think so. That we begin again and begin again and always begin again holds the status of "belief" for me as little else does.

Word of the Week/Almost Wordless Wednesday


Word of the Week/Almost Wordless Wednesday

Last tangent from the Gem Show:

As a person drawn to bright shiny objects and who picks up rocks, it's easy for me to think the word "touchstone," and to think it as a stone that you touch, and so a talisman, a symbol of go(o)d luck, a reminder. And of course it is all those things.

But there's more to it--more to it literally, and therefore more to it metaphorically--in a way that calls me, at least, to level up, up!

How to Have a Monkey Mind...

...and use it too

How to Have a Monkey Mind...

Sit in a quiet place, cue all the environmental messages to put yourself in a meditative state, and try not to think about monkeys.

Don't think about cartoon monkeys, or sock monkeys, or plush monkeys.

Don't think about monkey puzzle trees, or monkey nuts, if that's what peanuts are called where you live. Don't think about monkey bars.

Memes, Mantras, Mission Statements--Part 2

is it really YOUR goal?

Memes, Mantras, Mission Statements--Part 2

Here's the scary thing about having memes--unconscious mantras--dictating what you do: they can infect your goals!

We list our goals and wishes. We adopt practices for 100 days to build clarity and efficiency. We build clarity and efficiency to know what we want to achieve. With this clarity and efficiency, our goals come in reach.

But if our original goals were built on memes, either we won't choose beneficial practices or, if we do, we'll end up feeling like the naked emperor in his "new suit."

HerbStory of the Week: Cautionary Tale

trust YOUR process; trust YOUR product

HerbStory of the Week: Cautionary Tale

I have a cautionary tale around use of herbs and use/trust of one's own intuition and strength today.

The more I look for synchronicities, the more I see them. I'm sure that's another tendency that's heightened by undertaking a 100-day Gong.

This cautionary herbal tale turns out to be also a tale about trusting your own strength, and about the relationship between process and product that all creative people dance around continually.

Book Review: A Philosophy of Walking

do more of what you love

Book Review: A Philosophy of Walking

Moving out of gratitude... Right before Thanksgiving I completed a 100-day practice of discipline, about which I'll say more soon. Most crucially, it was a vehicle for me to really privilege my sleep and to establish a sine-qua-non morning routine.

I'm preparing to start another on the Solstice, so I'm reflecting on the experience  in order to decide what to undertake for those 100 days. One hundred days to build something meaningful! Grand, right? Something meaningful. Exploration of life purpose. Something I've been neglecting and would like to do more of is writing book reviews.

Here's one for this week, and maybe a regular stream of them starting on the Solstice. Let's see how it goes.

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