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Three Cyclic Returns

doing the work, naming the spells/spelling the name

Three Cyclic Returns

So, once again you found me looking at words, using word alchemy to transform “running in circles” into “course concentration,” wondering at the fact that so often, no matter where we start, we end up back there again. What’s in it for you?

Give me a few words about cycles, and then I’ll tell you.

"Mastery"--Two Books, Commonalities

--by Hazrat Inayat Khan, and by Robert Greene

Two books, both titled MasteryOne was written recently, by an American author in his 50s. The other (which I can't find anywhere in the format I own) was written by an Indian Sufi who died in 1926, before he even made 50 years old. One would be classed as "personal development." The other would be shelved in the religious section.

One I've never owned but have borrowed from the library both as audio and print books. The other, I've carried around with me my whole adult life, through all the many places I've lived, starting well before the newer "Mastery" was even written.

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