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Origins: 36 Interviews; Amen's Wisdom

too good to keep to myself!

Origins: 36 Interviews; Amen's Wisdom

Happy Monday; Happy Thanksgiving week.

As I strive to be conscious about what comes into my life, I hope what I put out reflects this discernment. If we're all connected, let me be a signal repeater for light and glory!

So,  last week I shared about the free showing of Origins, Now there's a mini-telesummit adjunct to the movie playing for the next three days, with 36--thirty-six--interviews with experts featured in the movie as well as others, exploring how we can do better as a species in all areas of life.

Almost all the experts are people I already enjoy listening to and feel that I learn from, and there are some that are new to me from whom I'm glad to learn. I'll write sometime about the benefits of benign brainwashing/positive self-hypnosis, although "being conscious about what I allow in" is really the long and short of it.  

Bearing in mind I expose myself to a lot of this stuff, there was one expert I hadn't heard from in a while whose presence I appreciated in the movie, and the "deep dive" interview with him is what spurred me to write another post about this--it's worth far more than the price (free!) of admission.

Movie Now Showing for Free

Where did we come from; where are we going?

Movie Now Showing for Free

We know all about the power of now : it's the one time when we can make change happen. Great opportunity, great responsibility. But in order to use that power, we need to know

  1. Where we're coming from, and
  2. Where we're heading to

A change moment isn't as powerful when we don't take aim. I know this as an individual, but it's also true of us as a species. Have you heard the statistic that the next generation, for the first time since records were kept, is projected to have a shorter life expectancy than  their parents?

Many of my friends who are parents were galvanized into action when they heard that, and part of Pedram Shojai's drive to make this movie came from the consciousness of responsibility bringing his own child into the world.

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