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The Way Out and Back is Not the Same

100-Day Gong Day 51

The Way Out and Back is Not the Same

Today for me is day 51 of the 100-day Gong.  Can you believe we've come that far from Winter Solstice already?

Essentially, we're halfway between solstice and equinox. We've moved out of the still point of midwinter but we're not all the way over to plowing the fields yet. It's time to ask groundhogs for their predictions. In the Celtic calendar, it's Imbolc, where old crone energy is replaced by maiden energy. And in the Jewish calendar, originating farther south, it's Tu b'Shvat (was just last week), which is the New Year of trees!

So, what does it mean to be halfway through a 100-day discipline, halfway between midwinter and spring?

Synchronometer -- to Be of Service

more connectedness

Synchronometer -- to Be of Service

I acknowledge that synchronicity is often (a) in the eye of the beholder and (b) generated by how the beholder focuses her eye. Confirmation bias, right? You find what you look out for.

But I cling to the intention that what's in synchronicity for me might vibe with someone else, might strike a chord in your heart, might make a connection between us. That the experience of harmony and resonance might gift you, even for a moment.

After all, synchronicity means "time" (chronos) "happening together" (syn). Which should mean that multiple people can have that same experience, of events, experiences, learning opportunities, occupying the same space in time.

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