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Preparing for the Gong: Some Great Books

creating a framework for spontaneity

Preparing for the Gong: Some Great Books

It's the great paradox. "The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get." No one seems to know who was the first person to say that, but it rings true. Likewise: "The muse is more likely to show up if you sit at your desk ready for her."

Likewise, when you're not depleted and deprived, you're better able to respond to emergencies.

When in tune with the cycles  going on around you, and when you create your own cycles, you're laying the groundwork for liftoff. If you know what your goals are, you'll see your way clearer toward achieving them. If you don't know what they are, you'll see clearer toward identifying them.

That's what the 100-day Gong is for. Here are some resources that will help. (Edited once, and likely to be edited more as people suggest to me resources that have worked for them.)

Broken Computer: The Bright Sides

It Really IS How You Look At It

Broken Computer: The Bright Sides

There were so many things I wanted to write about today. 

I wanted to talk about words, and specific words: hormesis, discrimination, that I expect to talk about over and over. 

And about colors, and about sleep, and literary citizenship, and doing things for other people.

I spilled some water on my computer this morning. Everything seemed fine until two hours later, when the screen went dark.

But guess what? It was a good  thing!

Synchronicity: Nostrils and Nervous Systems

"syn" + "chronos" -- "timed together"

Synchronicity: Nostrils and Nervous Systems

Synchronicity is something I mean to write about regularly--weekly--on this blog. Events that happen "timed together," which also means "spaced together" which also means "in the eye of this beholder at this time together" are messages as subtle and emergent as the appearance of an eye in a peacock feather. Yes, I see it because I'm looking for it... but that's always true! What I see is a reflection of who I am. My belief is that the more aware we can be of the lenses through which we look and see, the more intentional we can be about the kind of world we experience.

I like today's synchronicity because not only does it involve a confluence of ancient wisdom and modern science; it has to do with something I already wrote about on this still-quite-new blog!

New Moon Meditation on Full Moon

this side, that side, the dark side

New Moon Meditation on Full Moon

Since it's full moon today, I want to share a bit about this month's Sufi new moon meditation. That's not as illogical as it sounds: I've now had two weeks, since new moon, to practice the meditation and harvest something to say about it!

The meditation is a variation on alternate-nostril breathing, commonly used in yogic disciplines. It seems appropriate that a practice that involves harmonizing our own two reflecting hemispheres be associated with the moon, whose daily existence in our lives is an enactment of the subdivisions of a sphere.

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