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Word of the Week: Frame

seeing in the best light

Word of the Week: Frame

"Frame" and "reframe" have been a recurrent theme lately.

  • Trying to provide for family, or wanting to deplete fossil fuels to the point of no return?
  • Dressing provocatively, or wanting to maximize vitamin D absorption?
  • Sharing the benefit of hard-earned knowledge, or trying to sell more books by whatever means?
  • Deepening my mindfulness, or starving myself?

I'll be writing more about this, but let's start by looking at the word "frame" itself.

Unconditional Gratitude (Word of the Week)

It _had_ to be word of the week, didn't it?

Unconditional Gratitude (Word of the Week)

Gratitude. Thanksgiving. Gratitude (Latin gratitudo) is a state of mind. Thanksgiving is a direct translation of the Latin gratias actio -- action, specifically a performance, enactment, of thanks.

Latin gratias means "thanks," but also it means "grace," in all the multi-splendored nuances of that word. Old-English thanc instead is cognate with "think" -- thanksgiving is an enaction of your state of thoughts.

Giving thanks and feeling gratitude--are they the same for you? This is a tail that can wag the dog--the action can lead to the feeling.

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