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Word of the Week: "Origin"

making some connections explicit

Word of the Week:

As another week passes and as I reflect on where I/you/we/humankind/this blog came from and where we're going, I follow my tried and trusted path back into words and etymologies. 

In honor of the movie I reviewed and recommended in my previous post, and in honor of that recurrent question, the word of the week is Origin.

Mallow, Persistence, and Learning

it's all connected

Mallow,  Persistence, and Learning

It sometimes strikes me as so backward that I learned most of what I know about herbs from reading books and looking at them captured in jars in stores. Going out "in the wild" and getting to know the herb and making a relationship with them would be "better," in my judgment.

Then again, most of our learning is secondhand, isn't it? I give thanks for all the teachers and books who share portals into knowledge, leave threads that we can pick up and follow through the maze to find our own experiences.

I was also the little girl who made potions from herbs in the back yard, so experiential learning has always been there.

I'll be talking about herbs often here, both for what they teach and offer, and for the metaphorical lessons.

Perhaps it's because I've been thinking about Mastery lately, but yesterday a mallow taught me about persistence.

If I Can't Do Just One Thing...

weaning away from multitasking

If I Can't Do Just One Thing...

Happy Monday!

Moon day: today's moon is waxing gibbous 89% visible. "waxing"=increaing in size; "gibbous"=convex, protuberant (i.e. more than half full)

I feel it's a good idea to know what the moon's doing, and Monday being moon day being start-the-week day it's a good reminder to invoke that lunar energy into the flow of work and life.

Synchronicity of the Week

harnessing confirmation bias

Synchronicity of the Week

I have an intention to be open to synchronicity. It happens all the time anyway, so why not ask for it? Yes, I'm aware of the objection that I'm autosuggesting it, that we see what we want to see to some extent--but why on earth not? If I whisper a prayer to see a message about peace and then find a message about peace on my way to the grocery store, my prayer is looking for peace, and finding it! 

Sometimes I make specific requests, sometimes I just put an idea out there in a more general way. Lately, I've been thinking about doing a parasite cleanse, probably a couple weeks from now when I finish the current diet (which is a red-orange-yellow-white-spectrum-focusing diet whereby I don't eat any green/blue/brown/black food; I have eleven days left of 45). I'd been assembling the herbs that speak to me for such a cleanse. Then I found myself at a park, totally by chance, looking at what I thought were black walnut trees! 

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